August Rendezvous

Our rendezvous was a success in many ways.  The weather was for the most part cooperative with only sparse rain showers and the temperature was pleasant.  The turnout was good with many new attendees who had a chance  to get  their first taste of a different outdoor activity.   They appreciated the historical portray of surroundings  as they wandered through the camp viewing various styles of tents and tipis nestled throughout.  As is usually the case most were very fascinated.   WOW! Was a common reaction by the many who tried their hand at the tomahawk throw with several successfully hitting the target.  On the shooting range there were opportunities to learn to properly load and fire a muzzleloading firearm under the instructions of well seasoned shooters.   

There wasn’t a burn ban in effect so campers were able to enjoy the art of cooking their meals over an open fire and  spend the evenings visiting.   This made for a good chance to exchange thoughts and ideas on how to make any future rendezvous even more fun!  


A small group of adventurers opted to test their endurance  and made a pilgrimage from Bowman’s Bay , across  Deception Pass Bridge and along the hiway wearing their Mountain Man attire on route to the rendezvous site.  They carried their muzzleloaders and other items they would have been traveling with in the era they were portraying.  They stopped at  various points to visit with and answer questions posed by those they encountered on their trek.   They offered up a small informational handout with directions to the rendezvous site and an invitation to come a join in the historical festivities.  All and all the walk was well received and plans for another were underway before they even reached their destination.  

The weekend was completed with an awards and recognition ceremony on Sunday afternoon acknowledging competition winners and those who donated time and efforts to make it a fun gathering.


Sam Hawken would surely  be pleased by all who attended his birthday party.  The weather was absolutely in step with our plans providing a beautiful day with sunshine and warm temperatures.

We had many attendees, most from previous shoots but several new comers as well.  A few spectators arrived to see what it was all about and they  got a chance to try their hand at shooting a black powder rifle.  For the ones who had not before had a chance to experience such this was quite a revolution of what the sport really entails.  

Of course it’s not a party at Sam’s place without food and there was plenty of that.  Homemade rolls and corn bread, roasts, pulled pork, chips and dips and the ever popular lemon cake.  Choices of soda, coffee, water and iced tea rounded out the fare.

This was a blanket shoot and prizes were awarded  after the shooting had all been completed.  Dave Slye was the overall top shooter taking home the Birthday plaque award.   There was a special side shoot with prizes of Buffalo meat sponsored by Shakey Ron.  Our very experienced shooter and Museum curator “Andy” was the taker of the Buffalo Roast.  Sam made sure everyone received something by giving the attendees  10%  off discount card good on Traditions brand Rifles and Pistols kits and assembled and Traditions brand accessories.  The card is good up through February 14, 2018. (Thoughts of Valentine’s Day come to mind for anyone?) Even if we have  a Traditions brand item already marked down the 10% discount applies on top of that for an “added” savings.  


Thanks to all who attended our rendezvous.  We appreciate you coming and missed those of you who were unable to attend.  

Competitions were good, prizes were great and some were innovative  which added to the fun.  On Saturday it nearly turned into a RAINDEZVOUS when we were pelted with sheets of rain that came with no mercy.  Some in tents created little ditches to attempt to route the water away from their abodes.  Yet—–no one complained!  In good mountain man mode all took it in stride. It was a great three days and we hope those who missed attending will be able to join us next year.  In the near future though we will be gathering for the Samuel Hawken birthday shoot on October 20.  This is a shoot and potluck—-everyone welcome


Saddle your horse, load your wagon, hop a train but be sure to make it to rendezvous at Greene’s Gun Shop August 10-11-12  for information call. 360-679-4657.  Email Chris

Come camp

Tents and tipi wooded areas


Cleared spaces

Shooting competitions
A fun time for all



Sam’s been very busy overseeing the development of new spaces to accommodate more campers and traders for our upcoming August rendezvous.  Site prep has been an ongoing  venture with briars and brush removal the focal point.  While there has been a lot accomplished there is still a great deal if work to be done.   We are improving the area as we expand.  Anyone with a little free time to volunteer help now and then is surely welcome.  Give us a call!


img_4139We have been busily working at the rendezvous site clearing more spaces and removing brush for more camp spots.  We are slowly making progress taking any free time we have to work towards making this a  comfortable place to set up for the August   This last month we did weed control which has helped to eliminate a good deal of the troublesome nettles and prickly vines.

Hope you are. Planning to attend.  

Hawken update

The Cascade Mountain Man show in early March was encouraging in the number of people we were able to meet and visit with.  The interest in our Hawken Rifle was greater than ever before and it was good to be able to spend time Talkin Hawken with those who stopped by.   We have been pleased that several of the people we met have taken the time to come to see us at our retail shop and to view the site of our August rendezvous.

The weather has been agreeable enough from time to time that we have been able to do some clearing of brush to open up more sites to accommodate our traders and campers.  We have been fortunate to have  a couple of people with tractors who have done a lot towards making  vast impeovements to  the rendezvous site.  Keep the date in mind if you might want to participate in the rendezvous shooting competitions, the hawk and knife competitions or as a trader.  Of course you are also welcome to lend a hand with the site prep clearing brush and preparing camp spaces!