Thanks to all who attended our rendezvous.  We appreciate you coming and missed those of you who were unable to attend.  

Competitions were good, prizes were great and some were innovative  which added to the fun.  On Saturday it nearly turned into a RAINDEZVOUS when we were pelted with sheets of rain that came with no mercy.  Some in tents created little ditches to attempt to route the water away from their abodes.  Yet—–no one complained!  In good mountain man mode all took it in stride. It was a great three days and we hope those who missed attending will be able to join us next year.  In the near future though we will be gathering for the Samuel Hawken birthday shoot on October 20.  This is a shoot and potluck—-everyone welcome


Saddle your horse, load your wagon, hop a train but be sure to make it to rendezvous at Greene’s Gun Shop August 10-11-12  for information call. 360-679-4657.  Email Chris vfwmgpackrat@gmail.com

Come camp

Tents and tipi wooded areas


Cleared spaces

Shooting competitions
A fun time for all

Chris vfwmgpackrat@gmail.com


Sam’s been very busy overseeing the development of new spaces to accommodate more campers and traders for our upcoming August rendezvous.  Site prep has been an ongoing  venture with briars and brush removal the focal point.  While there has been a lot accomplished there is still a great deal if work to be done.   We are improving the area as we expand.  Anyone with a little free time to volunteer help now and then is surely welcome.  Give us a call!


img_4139We have been busily working at the rendezvous site clearing more spaces and removing brush for more camp spots.  We are slowly making progress taking any free time we have to work towards making this a  comfortable place to set up for the August   This last month we did weed control which has helped to eliminate a good deal of the troublesome nettles and prickly vines.

Hope you are. Planning to attend.  

Hawken update

The Cascade Mountain Man show in early March was encouraging in the number of people we were able to meet and visit with.  The interest in our Hawken Rifle was greater than ever before and it was good to be able to spend time Talkin Hawken with those who stopped by.   We have been pleased that several of the people we met have taken the time to come to see us at our retail shop and to view the site of our August rendezvous.

The weather has been agreeable enough from time to time that we have been able to do some clearing of brush to open up more sites to accommodate our traders and campers.  We have been fortunate to have  a couple of people with tractors who have done a lot towards making  vast impeovements to  the rendezvous site.  Keep the date in mind if you might want to participate in the rendezvous shooting competitions, the hawk and knife competitions or as a trader.  Of course you are also welcome to lend a hand with the site prep clearing brush and preparing camp spaces!


2018 opened with work underway on the rendezvous site. Before  the start of the New Year we were spending any available time weather allowed at the site clearing brush and making space for more campsites.  There is a lot of work to be done and an early start has shown progress being made even with the small work party we have had.  

If verbal interest to date  is any indication of what attendance will be this years rendezvous is already looking good.    Though it is only January time will race by and it’s not to early to start preparations.  We are looking to expand our traders to provide  more goods and have items of  interest to a wide variety of new attendees.  By appealing to the general public our sport can continue to grow as others come and experience the joys of participating in muzzleloading activities.

Having traders offering goods from a bygone era would enhance the appeal of our rendezvous and provide a look into what life was like in early America,   We would like to see and we encourage traders to come and invite friends to venture forth with their goods.  Homemade soaps and candles, wooden toys of the era, quilts, rag dolls, trade silver, and a mitiade of other items would serve well at our rendezvous.

A food concession on traders row and in the competitions area would be an asset.  Unfortunately this last year we didn’t  have such.  A foe handlers license would be necessary.

We hope to hear from you with ideas you may have on how we might improve our rendezvous with suggestions of various competitions we may consider for all to enjoy.  

An artistic array of cookies was brought to us by Mike Elmund. We are now anxious to see how he applies his handiwork to his S. Hawken rifle kit.
WWe had a nice light dusting of snow at the rendezvous site.  The cabin was dry and cheerfully decorated wupith a country evergreen bough.


img_3355-4Though Sam’s birthday is actually Oct. 26th we celebrated on the 21st which  was on a Saturday affording us  the time to play.  Though the weather forecast promised rain we decided not to let that dampen the fun event we had planned.  We proceeded on as scheduled and  had a very good turnout.  As chance would have it the weather took little recesses with intermittent dry spells giving us time to have a great birthday shooting competition.

One of the attendees , Mark S. ; very kindly shared with us some targets created especially for muzzleloading shoots.  These targets are reactive making the shooting experience even more exciting.  We had competitors with all styles of firearms in both flint and percussion ignitions.  There was the option of shooting from the bench or from standing position thus offering something for all.

The party lasted a good part of the day with coffee and cookies available throughout the competition time.  All competitors brought  a blanket prize  and every attendee came with a  dish for the potluck which in itself proved to be quite a feast.  The food was good and plentiful with homemade breads, biscuits salads, cookies, cakes and more.  The blanket prizes were  amazing and Sam was very impressed and pleased with the number of participants.

After the competition there was eating, visiting, exchanges of ideas for future shoots and the awards.  Mr. Hobie and Top Knot (Andy Ward) won first prizes for the standing competition and the bench competition receiving the first ever issued Sam Hawken pewter medallions.  Overall winner Top Knot received a small trophy and has his name on the Sam Hawken annual birthday shoot plaque hanging in Greene’s Gun Shop.  To celebrate his birthday Sam gave everyone a small remembrance gift to take home

We all had a fun time and Sam thanks everyone who attended.   You’re all invited back for his next birthday shoot and  he extends the invitation to those who were unable to attend this year.

RENDEZVOUS  (a gathering of two or more individuals at a predesignated time and place)

IMG_2942The rendezvous held here  on Aug. 18-19-20 was very well received by all who attended.  This was our first experience at the new camping site and it proved to be very conducive to our needs.  We have spent a good part of the year in preparation and cleared as many sites as we possibly could with our skeleton crew.   Campers arrived and the woods filled with tents and tipis for the primitive attendees.  There were those that came to shoot in the muzzleloading competitions and those that came for the archery and  the trail walk with the hawk  and knife throw.  Then too, some came simply to visit with old and new friends.  With the burn ban in effect there were no fires allowed for cooking.  That possibility had been anticipated and the mountain men  as always were on top of their game and made other arrangements for their food preparation. The grounds have now been gently broken in and we have hopes of opening up more sites  to accommodate more campers.  Those with modern tents and tin tipis set up in  the modern camping area provided for them

imageThe rendezvous was enhanced by the attendance of those from the Ruxton Museum. They kindly set up a display of original rifles to share and explained their history and function .   Those  persons who stopped by and visited with them were  intrigued and impressed with these works of art from a bygone era.  An era they and we are working to preserve and continue.  We thank them for their help and participation.  For more information on the museum visit their site at ruxtonmuseum.org

imageThe rendezvous wound up with ending awards ceremonies giving ribbons and prizes for the winners in the various events.   We have had some suggestions on other fun competitions we may consider including such as a frying pan toss.  We like to have suggestions on how we can improve and make the future rendezvous more fun for all.  Of course with more events we need more  people to run them.      We hope everyone will encourage others to come and join us.  We need to make efforts to let the public know they are welcome to come, to learn and to experience and enjoy this special part of America’s history.

Special thanks to Our Booshay Chris (Packrat)  for all the hard work he did in preparation for the shoot and his time during the shoot.  We congratulate him also on the great score he got with the S. Hawken he built from one of our kits. More images after the break.

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