August Rendezvous

Our rendezvous was a success in many ways.  The weather was for the most part cooperative with only sparse rain showers and the temperature was pleasant.  The turnout was good with many new attendees who had a chance  to get  their first taste of a different outdoor activity.   They appreciated the historical portray of surroundings  as they wandered through the camp viewing various styles of tents and tipis nestled throughout.  As is usually the case most were very fascinated.   WOW! Was a common reaction by the many who tried their hand at the tomahawk throw with several successfully hitting the target.  On the shooting range there were opportunities to learn to properly load and fire a muzzleloading firearm under the instructions of well seasoned shooters.   

There wasn’t a burn ban in effect so campers were able to enjoy the art of cooking their meals over an open fire and  spend the evenings visiting.   This made for a good chance to exchange thoughts and ideas on how to make any future rendezvous even more fun!  


A small group of adventurers opted to test their endurance  and made a pilgrimage from Bowman’s Bay , across  Deception Pass Bridge and along the hiway wearing their Mountain Man attire on route to the rendezvous site.  They carried their muzzleloaders and other items they would have been traveling with in the era they were portraying.  They stopped at  various points to visit with and answer questions posed by those they encountered on their trek.   They offered up a small informational handout with directions to the rendezvous site and an invitation to come a join in the historical festivities.  All and all the walk was well received and plans for another were underway before they even reached their destination.  

The weekend was completed with an awards and recognition ceremony on Sunday afternoon acknowledging competition winners and those who donated time and efforts to make it a fun gathering.