Hawken update

The Cascade Mountain Man show in early March was encouraging in the number of people we were able to meet and visit with.  The interest in our Hawken Rifle was greater than ever before and it was good to be able to spend time Talkin Hawken with those who stopped by.   We have been pleased that several of the people we met have taken the time to come to see us at our retail shop and to view the site of our August rendezvous.

The weather has been agreeable enough from time to time that we have been able to do some clearing of brush to open up more sites to accommodate our traders and campers.  We have been fortunate to have  a couple of people with tractors who have done a lot towards making  vast impeovements to  the rendezvous site.  Keep the date in mind if you might want to participate in the rendezvous shooting competitions, the hawk and knife competitions or as a trader.  Of course you are also welcome to lend a hand with the site prep clearing brush and preparing camp spaces!