img_3355-4Though Sam’s birthday is actually Oct. 26th we celebrated on the 21st which  was on a Saturday affording us  the time to play.  Though the weather forecast promised rain we decided not to let that dampen the fun event we had planned.  We proceeded on as scheduled and  had a very good turnout.  As chance would have it the weather took little recesses with intermittent dry spells giving us time to have a great birthday shooting competition.

One of the attendees , Mark S. ; very kindly shared with us some targets created especially for muzzleloading shoots.  These targets are reactive making the shooting experience even more exciting.  We had competitors with all styles of firearms in both flint and percussion ignitions.  There was the option of shooting from the bench or from standing position thus offering something for all.

The party lasted a good part of the day with coffee and cookies available throughout the competition time.  All competitors brought  a blanket prize  and every attendee came with a  dish for the potluck which in itself proved to be quite a feast.  The food was good and plentiful with homemade breads, biscuits salads, cookies, cakes and more.  The blanket prizes were  amazing and Sam was very impressed and pleased with the number of participants.

After the competition there was eating, visiting, exchanges of ideas for future shoots and the awards.  Mr. Hobie and Top Knot (Andy Ward) won first prizes for the standing competition and the bench competition receiving the first ever issued Sam Hawken pewter medallions.  Overall winner Top Knot received a small trophy and has his name on the Sam Hawken annual birthday shoot plaque hanging in Greene’s Gun Shop.  To celebrate his birthday Sam gave everyone a small remembrance gift to take home

We all had a fun time and Sam thanks everyone who attended.   You’re all invited back for his next birthday shoot and  he extends the invitation to those who were unable to attend this year.