2018 opened with work underway on the rendezvous site. Before  the start of the New Year we were spending any available time weather allowed at the site clearing brush and making space for more campsites.  There is a lot of work to be done and an early start has shown progress being made even with the small work party we have had.  

If verbal interest to date  is any indication of what attendance will be this years rendezvous is already looking good.    Though it is only January time will race by and it’s not to early to start preparations.  We are looking to expand our traders to provide  more goods and have items of  interest to a wide variety of new attendees.  By appealing to the general public our sport can continue to grow as others come and experience the joys of participating in muzzleloading activities.

Having traders offering goods from a bygone era would enhance the appeal of our rendezvous and provide a look into what life was like in early America,   We would like to see and we encourage traders to come and invite friends to venture forth with their goods.  Homemade soaps and candles, wooden toys of the era, quilts, rag dolls, trade silver, and a mitiade of other items would serve well at our rendezvous.

A food concession on traders row and in the competitions area would be an asset.  Unfortunately this last year we didn’t  have such.  A foe handlers license would be necessary.

We hope to hear from you with ideas you may have on how we might improve our rendezvous with suggestions of various competitions we may consider for all to enjoy.  

An artistic array of cookies was brought to us by Mike Elmund. We are now anxious to see how he applies his handiwork to his S. Hawken rifle kit.
WWe had a nice light dusting of snow at the rendezvous site.  The cabin was dry and cheerfully decorated wupith a country evergreen bough.