Rendezvous. AUGUST 18, 19, 20.          2017. Public Welcome!!

The August  rendezvous is quickly approaching.  We have been busily preparing the rendezvous site to accommodate traders that will be camping  in tipi,  wall tents and the like.  While the shooting and trail walk activities will be in the same locale at Greene’s Gun shop and shooting range the camp area is new. 

  • Though we have been working diligently after work and on our weekends the progress has been slow with only a skeleton crew sharing in on the work effort.  We have room to expand camping facilities in the future but for present space is limited.  It would be good for us and any potential campers to RSVP so that we can make an effort to accommodate all.  We have an area for those in tin tipi camps as well and it too is space limited.  
  • Weather forecasts are looking to be dry weather so fires will probably not be allowed. Bring an alternate cooking source.
  • There isn’t water directly on the premises but available within walking distance. 
  • INFOMATION  The Hawken Shop. 360-679-4657.
  • And CHRIS  360-720-0519. email.

Be you a seasoned buckskinner, a newcomer to the fold or simply curious to see what this interesting and growing activity is all about come join us!  There are plenty of people on hand to visit with and answer questions you may have.

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